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Splashing Around

I "Splashed Out" (see what I did there?) on something called a Pluto trigger, which is an app based device which lets you do some crazy things (which I won't even try to explain) one of which is to be able to photograph water drops.

This may not sound too exciting but when you pair this with the water dropper that you synch up to the Pluto, the results can be pretty amazing.

This the basic setup - The thing on the end of the tripod arm is the water dropper and the cable running from that is attached to the Pluto Trigger, which in turn is attached to my Camera.

I have a wireless flash set up in the soft box and in front of the black backboard.

The timing of the droplets are then set up in the app as shown. This takes bit of trial and error as it depends on the height of the dropper, temperature of the water (honestly), and a host of other things.

I added glycerin and liquid soap to the water as I read that this makes the splashes 'better'....

When I had tried about 100 different settings I finally found what was right for the day - This is where digital is such bonus because you can experiment to your heart's content without wasting film and see immediate results.

This is the trigger, if you click it will take you to Amazon

These are some of the better photos that I managed to get - I personally think they're very impressive:

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