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Let There Be Light

So light painting has been something that I've seen online but never tried. I bought some cheap glow-sticks and decided to give it a go.

The stick came with holder to make up different shapes, so I made this simple one and made a hole so that it would sit on the tripod screw. (you can also see how simple my setup is, with the black backdrop on a folding table in my front room)

I set the camera to 2 second shutter time and gave the sticks a spin - Interesting effect but n to too 'dazzling'

I knew I could do better so grabbed a couple more colors, and tweaked the design....

Another quick nudge on the sticks, hit the shutter release and this was the result - Much more pleasing to the eye..

Another trick that I'd read about is zooming in and out while the shutter is open to create light trails - I wasn't sure how this would come out using the longer sticks rather than points of light but I had nothing to lose, you can't turn the sticks off once they're on.... I love the results.

Note: I did tweak the colours slightly in PhotoShop afterwards, but the effect is what I was looking for.

Lastly, there is light painting in the air. I had some trouble getting the focus right on these, because the lights naturally move towards and away from the camera as I'm waving them, but the results are pretty good.

This was the first attempt, my initial B (out of focus as mentioned before) and I had to bump up the brightness and blacken the background in PS afterwards.

This one came out nice - Again, some tweaking in PS afterwards.

I was just playing with some different shapes and exposures afterwards. This was a quick and surprisingly easy thing to do, and with a little practice and editing I'm sure that it could produce some great results.

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